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December Greetings from Lavender Hill!

Posted 12/9/2020 1:15pm by Martha O. Wilczynski.

Lavender Hill Farm of Niles, Michigan  LLC

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Dear lavender friends,

The Lavender Hill Farm Shop will continue to be open to the public Fridays and Saturdays 10 am to 4 pm through December 19th. We will also take appointments for the shop through email or facebook message, and as always, we take orders from our webstore for pickup (use coupon code "pickup"), or shipping year-round.

I'd also like to announce an exciting new collaborative product we have now: Lavender-Honey and Lady Grey-Lavender Tea Truffles.  These truffles are produced by Veni's Sweet Shop in Niles exclusively for Lavender Hill Farm and Apothica Teas in Niles using our lavender and Apothica's tea!  I can attest that they are delicious!  You can find them on our website here: Truffles- 5 pc box  Supplies are limited so order soon!

Winter Care of Lavender Plants:

Winter is just around the corner. The lavender varieties we grow are relatively hardy in our area, but will benefit from snow cover in winter for insulation from extreme cold temperatures and wind. However we learned the hard way in Winter of 2019 that snow cover isn’t guaranteed, and have since started using frost protection fabric to cover our most vulnerable plants. DeWitt makes a white, breathable, non-absorptive frost protection fabric in various weights and sizes.  It can be found online in many gardening catalog sites or on Ebay or Amazon.  We are preparing to cover our young plants (those planted in the last two years) as they may be more susceptible to loss from winter-kill than mature plants. However, if you only have a few plants, your time and money may be well spent to cover all of your lavender plants. We intend to put the covers on our plants in late December before extreme cold temperatures hit.  Our experience tells us that it's important not to put the covers on too early or leave them on too late, as the plants may start to break dormancy and begin to grow under the covers. If that happens too early, a subsequent cold blast can badly damage or kill the plants. Therefore we will likely take our covers off in early March, barring any forecasted extreme cold temperatures that month. Good luck with your lavender journey!

Hope you all have a very happy, healthy New Year!






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