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Lavender U-pick Season at Lavender Hill Farm

Posted 6/18/2016 9:16pm by Martha O. Wilczynski.

Lavender Hill Farm of Niles, Michigan  LLC

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Dear Friends, here is the latest news from our farm:


The 2016 U-Pick lavender season BEGINS Saturday, June 25th and CONTINUES during our regular summer hours, Monday -Saturday 10 am to 4 pm until the blooms have waned, usually around the end of July.

We expect the peak bloom to be around the first two weeks in July. We are open July 4th, from 10 am to 4 pm.

During U-pick season, for the cost of $5 a bunch, you are invited to cut your own lavender bunches using our scissors.  A bunch is measured by the amount you can fasten in the 6 in. twist-tie we provide. Because we have 8 different lavender varieties that bloom at different times (see variety descriptions below), we designate which areas to pick based upon availability and readiness.  

Plant Sales:

We still have a good supply of our hardy lavender plant varieties available. All plants are propagated by cuttings from our lavender field plants and grown in our farm greenhouse. They have all proven their ability to survive our Michigan winters over the last several years.

English Lavender varieties:(extremely winter hardy)

'Folgate':bright periwinkle flowers on stems up to 12 inches, blooms mid to late June, good for culinary use, oil, crafting, landscape plant.

'Loddon Blue': dark purple flowers on stems 6-10 inches, blooms mid-late June, nice, compact, symmetrical landscape plant, dried bunches.

'Imperial Gem': beautiful dark, velvety purple buds on stems 6 to 10 in. long, blooms mid-late June. Good for bunches, crafting.

'Royal Velvet': beautiful, dark purple buds on stems 10-15 in., blooms late June-early July, good for bunches, culinary, crafting.

'Royal Purple', medium purple buds, light purple flowers on stems 12-15 in., blooms late June-early July, good for landscape plant, fresh bouquets, crafting.

Hybrid Lavandin varieties:

'Grosso': medium purple blooms in early-mid July, on stems 15 to 24 in. long, good for bunches, potpourri, oil has nice, strong camphorous scent. 

'Super': pale lavender blooms in mid July on stems 15 to 36 in. long, good for bunches, potpourri, oil has nice scent, less camphor than 'Grosso'.

'Gros Bleu': dark blue-violet buds, purple flowers  in mid-late July on stems 15 to 24 in. long, nice for bunches, potpourri, sweeter scent, similar to the English Lavenders.

We are looking forward to a beautiful season, hope you are too!

Thanks so much for your patronage,

Martha Wilczynski










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