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Plant Sales, U-Pick Season Dates, Hours

Posted 5/2/2018 8:53am by Martha O. Wilczynski.

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Dear Friends,

I'm thankful Spring has finally sprung in Michigan!

Here is an update on our farm schedule for the next few months:

Lavender Plant Sales Begin May 10th!

Plant Sales: We will begin selling 5 varieties of lavender plants in 2.5 in. pots in May.  In June we will have larger plants in 3.5 in. pots available. We will have the following English Lavender varieties available:  Folgate and Royal Velvet, and the following hybrid lavendin varieties:  Grosso, Super, and Gros Bleu.  These plant were all propagated from cuttings of our field plants, and rooted and maintained in our greenhouse over the winter. 

May Farm Shop Hours: Thursday, Friday, Saturday, 10 am to 4 pm.

Summer Hours (June-August):  The farm is open Monday-Saturday 10 am to 4 pm.    

U-pick Lavender Season: Starts Monday June 25th and is open during regular business hours through the end of bloom (usually through the end of July depending on the season). 

Field Update:  Though this wasn't the worst winter in recent memory, conditions were definitely not ideal for lavender either. In easy winters the bushes emerge in Spring with green supple leaves in place, (that's why lavender is considered a semi-evergreen). Due to the temperature fluctuations causing frequent snow/thaw cycles this winter, many of our lavender leaves are sort of gray and crispy this spring. Most of these plants are still living and will sprout new leaves in the next couple of weeks.  There may be some branches that were killed over the winter and may need pruning out. Even if some of the branches need to be pruned, the plant may still sprout new leaves from the base of the plant, so don't pull the plants out too soon thinking they are dead. A gentle bending of individual branches will tell you whether the branch is living or not. If it is pliable its still alive, if it's brittle it's dead. If you need to replace your plants, we will have a good supply on hand this spring and summer. 

Photography:  Customers are welcome to take photos in the lavender field during our regular business hours only. Please be mindful of our other customers, many of whom are out here to enjoy the quiet ambiance, and the relaxing and calming effects of lavender.  

Thanks, and hope to see you out here soon!



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